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This album features 15 previously unreleased tracks, spanning the years 2001 to 2004, and includes the all new track “Pincushion”.



Superb music, even if I kinda miss the voice from the first album, would’ve liked to hear her a little more 🙂

Nevertheless, great music, keep it up, I hope you’ll be succesful, you deserve it 🙂

Best of luck 😉


I forgot to say that I’ve discovered you from MellowDark’s video, the music blew me away and I had to hear some more 🙂

The first album is amazing, a true delight, remindng me of Unkle, Massive Attack, sometimes Faithless 🙂

Keep it up!


Hey iancu, thanks for the comments and kind words! Actually, “unlocked” is a selection of older material before I started work with Olivia. The new album promises to have the vocals of Edie Marshall on several tracks, plus (possibly) a few other special guests.



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