the silk demise - Bound screenshot

In 2004 we released our first album (self-titled) which included our most popular track, Bound.  We even made a shiny music video to accompany its launch, which you can watch below.

More than a decade has passed, so now is as good a time as ever to revisit the track and let you remix it to your heart’s content.  Click the link below and download each of the layers, remix it, and then send it back to us.  Who knows, we might even include it in a free collection of remixes down the road.

Click HERE to DOWNLOAD all the elements you need to remix BOUND.

Need some inspiration? Here’s a couple of awesome mixes.

BHM Mix by The Metrosexuals

Electro Mix by Caecom

Bound Music Video

Artist: The Silk Demise
Album: the silk demise (2004)
Track: Bound
Lyrics/Composition/Production: Bill Litshauer
Vocals: Olivia Zielinski
Music Video Director: Graham Misiurak


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