I stood on the sidelines
Waiting for the chance
To tell you I need I need a hill to rule over

Don’t be offended
I only told the truth
Don’t critize me
My scars are much too deep
I can’t get passed the shadows

They’re following behind you
Like history repeating
Your eyes are so misleading
The accusations and allegations
Of things that did not come to pass
So don’t try to break the silence
Don’t push me to the side
Remain the one beside me
Open your eyes to see
Don’t try to break the silence
It’s like history repeating

When the silences
Becomes way too loud
I’ll come back to recognize your faults
When the silences reaches up to God
Tells the world how much you have lost

I know there’s not much to say
It’s easier to toss the words aside
There’s point to be involved
It’s a hell of a ride
I’m blind and senseless
The shadows tend to surround me
The ribbons and the laces
Tied and bound to my feet

When will you hit zero again?
Like a sedative
Blurring patience with disbelief
And a dull moment

When the silences
Becomes way too loud
I’ll come back to recognize your faults
When the silences reaches up to God
Tells the world how much you have lost

Corridor Fog

Even when the wound is gone
there’s still so much pain
Even when the memories of tragedies are lost
They just barely escape

You put it all on display
You put it all on the plate
And now they want to see
Just what you are

I won’t find you now
Comfort in a strange place
Struggle but still dragged down
Underneath the waves break

You tell yourself lies and lies
If it makes it easier
You feel that the truth can sometimes be
So much scarier

I won’t find you now
Comfort in a strange place
Struggle but still dragged down
Underneath the waves break

As you twist every beautiful flower you see
You are taken back by the sound as their head drops to the floor
If seduces self indulgent ego to carve its name in wood and call it art

I won’t find you now
Comfort in a strange place
Struggle but still dragged down
Underneath the waves break


They’re on the papers

They come back to haunt me
A little liar
That sold their story

Eye for an eye
So wrong

Caught the liar in a blink of an eye

They come here alone

Like coloured insects
Lacking tolerance
Collecting honey
Tthen marching on and on

Stomach so tight
Waken eyes
On the blurry side
With waken eyes
Waken eyes


What is it that you’re thinking?

Is it how you’re going to explode into this world
And be the envy of, well, you know
Heaven is Sinking underground
Heaven is sinking under

You’re so simple
You’re so sad

It’s more of an afterthought
It’s like a heartbeat
Except there’s no life attached to it

You take the honest
Then you deny it
You break the bones with
Your silent mind

The Garden

Hey you, you never seen
Cause it fades so fast
You left with
A bitter taste
I’m here with your shadows on the wall
And it still lingers

Stack a grain to a grain
Until it falls down again
Still the hunger lies inside
In your Garden a field so wide
Wash it all down the lake
Even the flowers wear disguise

Instincts governs you
It shuts all my five senses
Searching, running blind
Did you find what your looking for
Or was it in front of you


One night at her bedside, she will lie awake
With thoughts through her head and plans for her fate.

To reach through her madness would paint her face white
And deliver her pain with punishing might.

It swallows her whole, as if some sort of beast
With nothing to hide, her soul is its feast.

No margin for error, no second to waste
The dream she is placed in reminds her of hate.

This body she’s trapped in can bear no escape
Like horrors and demons, there’s a mask on her face.

While tragic and sadness await by her side
The effortless sleep will be her ultimate ride.

The stage is now set, she is ready to go
And only seconds remain until the start of her show.

The wait is so lonesome, so desperately dry
That her eyes will go red and will soon start to cry.

This waiting impatience can drive her to madness
The only thing keeping her is unbroken sadness.

So with one mournful cry, she cries out for him
But nothing is heard and things become dim.

Her eyes are now closing, now ready for sleep
Her prayers have been answered, she’ll no longer weep.


Leave me dreaming while the stars descend and fade
Castoff wishes fill the void between the grade
Heaven’s an open hand
Closed by a fiery touch
Fear of the wishful mind
Twists in the stars maligned
Burn like a symphony
Caught in comet’s wind
Still-life against the sky;
Razing against the skin
Bye, my dream, the morning has come…


I was taught the gospel
by an engineer who designed me by example
singing hymns of evolution
in which children weigh their measure
on scales that held their fathers
and spend every worthy moment
calling out their numbers
to the butcher selling them by the pound

I tipped the scale, but I was sold
to feed the growing hunger
in a marketplace for the ones too tough to eat
but fit to drink until they were floating
I became a swimmer
while drowning in the womb
grew gills to drink the oxygen like wine

Praise the restless stirring in my soul
Praise the endless turning of my eyes
Praise the darkness coveting the light
Praise the revelation


I blocked the air as it escaped
The frozen lips of my mistakes
(it’s a crime)
My fingers burst to shards of ice
That formed the words of sacrifice
(it’s a crime)

Midnight Eyes

All things in life can be broken down till what you see is:
Saint vs. Sinner.
With every look you choose to play the role that you will portray
Take my eyes, fraught with sight
(you’re not trying to see the light)
(and I wish I could be on your side…)

How I play the villain to the audience of my despair:
Which dream was this: I woke up against your lips
and fell asleep against a wish to never sleep again?
It seems the stream that carries me has twists that I could not foresee
despite my bouts of clarity…
(She’s swimming to the stage…)

Smoke and Mirrors

Something keeps me hesitating
Although I’ve been waiting, waiting
Waiting for the open door

To show me that it leads to something more
Untouched party invitations
Smoke and mirror decorations
Is there cause for celebrating
As I stand here waiting, waiting?

All your dreams are products of smoke machines
All the doors you walk through you’ve closed before
(No hesitating now)
Destiny: Nothing more than an open door
(Walk through)
Move your feet, your steps make a new beat
And you are dancing now…

Time slips by
The mirror’s shine will fade
But you will grow to be the shine inside
The smoke can’t hide the spirit wanting you to set it free

Once I was a fading child
I’d disappear more every year
Till I could see through my skin
But lost sight of where I begin


Lately there’s a new sensation growing old in the belly of a beast unfed
a hunger bred to hunt for a new way through the needing
Fall away
(down beneath the blood and bones)
Don’t fall away from this plan, too
(keep walking through)
Fall away, don’t fall away from this plan, too
Follow all your prey till the ground divides
When you’re falling down to the base, down to the base you say,
“Oh where do we go from here?”

The Greys

In the madness I am caught between what to be and what to mean
“All the words lost,” she says, “and I am tied and tortured.
All the words left,” she says, “hard, jaded and absurd,
And when I say I love you, it’s not enough to make things clear,
And when I say I love you, it’s not enough to make things clear.
Walk with me through the debris of a dying tyranny
What’s left to hold on?”
In every story’s end
We turn to start again


Wake to this:
Choking thoughts have blossomed flames
Wake to this:
A paper city falling, charred and grey
I can’t keep staring at the sky
I can’t keep staring at the sky
Close my eyes, but I see the spark from inside
It’s the way I dream you
Between the hills on fire and wish for rain
It’s the way I dream you

Smoke signals rise
Is there any help in sight?
I’ll watch for signs
That the fire’s growing dim
And new life can begin…


Typical of a masquerade
Integral of the unsound braid
Sold on its strength within
As its unraveling
And you cling as it divides
(Better look up before you hit the floor
Had a hold once but you needed more)
What did you want it to be?
Nothing is guaranteed

Made the fall once but it’s not for me now

Hand over hand
Thought that I had a solid hold
But I was not the one who was in control
Hand over hand
Though the rope breaks I cannot be stopped
Strand by strand till I reach the top
Hand over hand


(going and going away)
two steps back to the other side
where I run where I try to hide what I’ve seen in spite
(what I didn’t know)
two steps back to another time
when the mind was a less divine disease to fight
(what I didn’t know)
two steps back to a master plan
sketched on the back of an outstretched hand
fingers fan a failed appeal:
“do not touch the things you cannot feel…”
two steps back to a battle cry
no mercy for the weak who choose to die
two steps back to a future bright
two steps forward into a better light
I’m washing off this skin
don’t let the words sink in
I’m washing off this skin
don’t let the words sink in
do you believe?

Heroin Chic

Some things don’t seem too good to be true, they just are.
I take it all for granted
and then you take my breath away
(maybe she asked for it)
(you left it all behind)
Don’t you want this? (Suffering)
I should be the way you want me to be
But I just…