The Silk Demise - Oceanid


The Silk Demise releases their fifth independent studio album on March 4th, 2013, entitled Oceanid.

Three years in the making, the new album’s sound is both cinematic and post-apocalyptic.

Spanning multiple genres, producer and writer Bill Litshauer describes the album as “ambient electronic filled with down-tempo synths, transcendent piano and vocal samples, mixed with acoustic/electronic beats.”

Fans of electronic and trip-hop legends Massive Attack, DJ Shadow, Tycho, and Future Sound of London will feel right at home as they drown themselves in the album’s emotional soundscapes.

Oceanid features 12 tracks including the supremely chill Professor’s Lake, vocally effected Harlequin, and the airy Corridors… while the tracks Iron Fist and Masquerade play an homage to industrial heavyweight Nine Inch Nails.

The album is now available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and other major online retailers.

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Michael S

Fantastic! Can’t wait to get home and get it on iTunes. From the previews, Professor’s Lake is the highlight track, but I’m also diggin’ Iron Fist.

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